What is Over – Under betting ?

Over/Under betting is another popular alternative to 1X2 and Asian Handicap betting.
Over/Under comes to your mind when you can’t find the edge of a game that you are going to bet. Sometimes, you feel difficult to choose which team to win the match while you really want to bet on that game in W138.com.
Moreover, Over/Under could be decided by how you feel of the game that you are going to place some bets on. It could be the weather, the injuries, the important of the game affecting your decision which you couldn’t push your bet onto one side. There the Over/Under comes in your decisive betting.
Over/Under is a betting type that you predict the total outcome of an event or a match. It could be called Total Bet. Example, you predict the total goals of a football match or a total score of a basketball match in W138.com.
In addition to the above, Over is when you choose the actual total numbers of goal/score higher than what is pre-set by bookmakers. In contrast, Under is when you think the actual number is lower than.
There are some tools or clues to help you pick when the match will be OVER/UNDER. Usually, punters will look at the statistics, head-to-head, performance of the teams in that particular match. However, let W138.com remind you that don’t simply make decision if you don’t even analyze it yet.
Tidying this up, some articles would simply suggest you to go straight and follow what they think the result is. Don’t be a noob! Check carefully about the resource and proof of this type of expert.
In conclusion, you might feel OVER/UNDER would be easier for you to choose the outcome of a match rather than choosing one side. I would not say this is right or wrong. Still it is a 50/50 chance.
Let me know in the comment below what you think about OVER/UNDER betting and catch up next time. W138.info is always listen the comments and share the best as we can.