What is the 10% DAILY FIRST DEPOSIT related with 5% UNLIMITED DEPOSIT Bonus?

Daily First deposit is only allow to claim once a day with first deposit. Unlimited deposit bonus is allow to claim from all deposit. More detail and T&C, Please refer to promotion page.

Example: If you make two deposit with RM 2000 and RM 5000 in a single days, you get RM 200 & RM 250 Bonus. Vise Versa,  if you make RM 5000 in the first deposit then RM 2000 in the second deposit, you bonus would be RM 500 and RM 100. First deposit is 10% and Second deposit onward will be 5%. 

How to Calculate 0.8% CASH REBATE?

Cash Rebate is calculate from your valid turnover.

Example: valid turnover :RM10000

Cash Rebate Offer : 0.8%

Total Payout: RM80

Why there is no available table for live games?

Sometimes it is caused by the internet connection or the upgrading or maintenance of the game server. If it relates to Live Blackjack, the table may be full, please try another table or add yourself to waiting list for the next available table.

Why do live games video hang sometimes?

This may be due to temporary poor connection by your internet provider. As well, this may be related to your computer’s performance, please restart and try again. If the problem continues, please contact our customer service.

Why can’t I login to the game client?

Please check your internet connection status. If problem persists, please contact our customer service for assistance.

Why can’t I access the website?

Probably the website has been blocked. Please contact our customer service to send you a new website URL to download the game.

How to Deposit?

Fast deposit

Please contact our customer support to get the bank in detail and bank in, once bank in, please request deposit in W138.com secure system, our related will process the transaction within 5 minute.


You can direct request deposit thru W138.com, it will bring you redirect to help2pay website, enter you bank account username and password, and waiting for your phone to receive the TAC, and key in the TAC to the request column, it will auto process.

How long it take to make withdrawal?

Normally it will process within 15 minute.

How long it could take to start my game after deposit?

Once our related department approve your deposit request, you can transfer your credit from main wallet to any product wallet and start playing your games.

Can i make withdrawal in the midnight 3pm?

Our service is running 24 hours with 7 days, you can request withdrawal at any time, our related department still process immediately.