Asian Handicap Betting

What is Asian Handicap betting?

What is Asian Handicap betting?

Many punters who are new to football betting would be curious to know what Asian Handicap betting is, especially European punters as this was created in Asia.
In contrast to 1X2 which is popular in Europe, Asian Handicap is originally founded in Asia and well-known across the continent.
Asian Handicap betting is a form of football betting which all teams are handicapped based on their form. It means the stronger team would need to win more goals for punters to win their bet. The system is pretty easy to understand though. The stronger team will give balls to the weaker team. It could be less or more than 1 goal depending on league they are in and form.
The idea of Asian Handicap betting is to simplify the form of betting by reducing the possible number of outcomes from three (originally from 1X2 bet is 3 outcomes) to two by eliminating the draw outcome. This will deliver the options to have a near 50% chance of success which you guys call 50/50.
Asian Handicap could be good and bad for bookmakers because of the 50% chance. Hence, every bookmaker will have their trading and risk team to analyze and balance the odds and the wager in order to gain profit.
In addition, Asian Handicap has also provided more options for special betting types such as double chance, triple chance, etc.

How is the payout?
It would be as same as 1X2 betting type which is based on the odds that is shown on the platform by the time you placed your bet.
Unlike 1X2 bet, you will see many types of odds on Asian Handicap. Also the outcomes are than just win or loss. Asian Handicap consists of win/loss, win half, loss half and it could be a tie which you get back your wager.
For win/loss (full), it would be the same computation as 1X2 bet.
However, you will get your winning multiply by half of the odds if the result is win half. Let’s say the odd is 1.80 and your RM100 ticket win half, the computation would be

RM100 x 1.80=RM80

RM80/2(win Half) = RM40 (winning amount).

And you will get back half of your wager if your ticket is a loss half. If you bet RM100, you will get back RM50.
In conclusion, how do you fare yourself to this after reading the article?

Feel free to let me know your thought and comment if there is something else you want me to cover in this topic.