1x2 betting

What is 1X2 betting ???

What is 1X2 betting ?
This question is usually coming out of inexperienced punters, but not everyone though. The question is commonly asked by Asian punters most likely.
1X2 bet is not popular in Asia, but it is preferred in Europe as an ordinary bet. This type of betting is preferably choice in football whereby you bet on the result of a match which has three possible outcomes.
It is commonly known as 3-Way Bet, Full Time Result or Match Betting.

Want clearer explanation ?
Let’s say in a football match between Manchester United vs Liverpool, there will be 3 possible results. It could be Manchester United winning the match, Liverpool winning the match or a draw.
(1 is referred to as Home Team while 2 is Away Team and the X is Draw). If Manchester United is the host and you are thinking of Manchester United winning the match, you will have to go for 1. Instead, you might go for 2 if you are choosing Liverpool to win the game. And last, the X if you think it will be a Draw match.

How is the payout ?
Your winning bet will be paid base on the odd of the outcome that you chose which stated on the betting platform of any gambling websites you regularly placing bet.
For this type of betting, the odd would come in Decimal which include the wager and the possible winning. If you see the odd is 1.80 and your wager is MYR 100, you will get MYR 180 (the winning amount is MYR 80) in total.

Does this betting make the difference between Asian Handicap? And which one is more beneficial ?
I will cover this topic for you in another article. So stay tuned and thanks for the support as always.

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