World Cup Hype ,What are the Betting

Hey guys! The most anxiety in football betting will be major leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa League and so on, at least these come out to my mind I guess?

What more that could get you hyped? Let me take a smart guessing, the World Cup!

As we all know, World Cup 2018 is just around the corner. The world’s most exciting tournament will be held in Russia. Let’s go on with a brief.

There will be 32 qualified international teams divided in 8 groups to compete and proceed to the next stage until the final. The list of 32 teams in each group are as follow.

  • Group A: Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay
  • Group B: Iran ,Morocco , Portugal , Spain
  • Group C: Australia ,Denmark ,France ,Peru
  • Group D: Argentina , Croatia , Iceland ,Nigeria
  • Group E: Brazil, Costa Rica , Serbia ,Switzerland
  • Group F: Germany , South Korea , Mexico , Sweden
  • Group G: Belgium ,England ,Panama , Tunisia
  • Group H: Columbia ,Japan ,Poland , Senegal

Are there any teams on your mind that you wish them to win the tournament? Have you bet already?

Yes, you read it right. You can already start betting on your favourite team to win the World Cup.

Okay, let’s take the hypertension out of this matter for a moment. Aside from the ordinary betting of choosing which team to win the World Cup, there are plenty of betting types which already implemented. Some of you might have already gotten along with them, some might not. So let’s move on with me.

There are more and more betting types implemented for big tournaments, especially the World Cup. You might start betting which team to win the tournament as well as who will be the top scorer of the tournament or even the top scorer of each group.

Yes, you hear me right, plenty of betting types. Those I have mentioned earlier were just a few of them.

Let me give you some hints at least for now. You may start with winner of each group, team to qualify, top scorer, team’s top scorer (such as England top scorer, example: Harry Kane, Sterling, etc), which team to reach the semi-finals or final, team to reach certain stage (ex: you choose England to reach quarter-finals), continent to win the tournament (Asia, Europe, etc), Top European Team, Top Asian Team, Top African Team, you even be able to choose which team to finish bottom of the group. And wait, these are not all yet.
When the tournament starts, you can bet on each single match and special bet types. You can go with which team/player to score first, yellow card, red card, corners, free-kick, how many minutes of additional time (injury/stoppage time), number of goals, odd/even of the result, etc. Inhale…I couldn’t count, mates.

Last but not least, are you ready to feel the nerve, scream, laugh and cry? For me, I am ready ever since I started this article for you. I truly feel it.

Stayed tune for the next articles related to World Cup. Do feel free to let me know if there are any bet types you wish to know. I would be able to give you some tips, but don’t over react to my analysis.

Footballs to be Used in FIFA World Cup 2018

Pakistani Footballs to be Used in FIFA World Cup 2018

Sialkot, a city commonly known as the home of sports goods in Pakistan, has yet again made headlines after it was revealed that the city will be supplying footballs for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2018.

This is not the first time Sialkot has supplied sports goods for international events. In the editions of the FIFA World Cup, Pakistan-made footballs were used during qualifiers and practice matches as well.

This year’s World Cup will be held in Russia – Alexey Dedov, the Russian Ambassador to Pakistan said that the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches will use footballs manufactured in Sialkot.

He said:
Pakistan is one of the most renowned countries in the world in the manufacture of sport equipment. We want to enhance our cooperation with Pakistan to other sectors as well.

Sialkot has already been a major internationally recognized sports equipment supplier.

This should motivate the government to formalize all the manufacturing of the sports goods in Sialkot and improve the exports.

Currently, the manufacturers are facing a number of issues and it should be the state’s responsibility to resolve all of them and improve the image of Pakistan on international stage.

8 players to watch

UEFA play-offs: 8 players to watch

Think back to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ play-offs in Europe and chances are that Cristiano Ronaldo’s heroics will spring immediately to mind.

With the pressure on and the stakes sky-high, the Portugal captain stepped up to deliver his team to Brazil 2014, breaking Swedish hearts in the process.

This time, and while Ronaldo and Portugal are safely through, eight teams will be hoping that a hero can emerge and secure their place at Russia 2018.

With that in mind, looks at some of the players who could prove decisive in the upcoming play-offs.

Steven Davis (NIR)
Age: 32
Position: Midfielder
2018 WCQ appearances: 10
2018 WCQ goals: 2

An intelligent and industrious midfielder, Northern Ireland’s skipper leads by example. “Steven epitomises everything you want in a captain,” the team’s manager, Michael O’Neill, has said. “He takes responsibility on the pitch, he drives the team forward. In my opinion he’s one of the most under-rated players in the Premier League.”

Xherdan Shaqiri (SUI)
Age: 26
Position: Midfielder
2018 WCQ appearances: 8
2018 WCQ goals: 1

He may not have reached the heights scaled at the 2014 World Cup, but Shaqiri remains the Swiss player most capable of conjuring up a moment of magic. “He’s a fantastic footballer,” his Stoke City team-mate, Darren Fletcher, enthused recently. “You can talk about his strength and his size but the biggest thing is that his first touch is fantastic.”

Luka Modric (CRO)
Age: 32
Position: Midfielder
2018 WCQ appearances: 8
2018 WCQ goals: 0

For many, he is the best midfielder in the world right now. Ukraine coach Andriy Shevchenko paid an even grander tribute recently, hailing Modric as “one of the best midfielders ever”. Retaining his place in the FIFA/FIFPro World XI at The Best awards last week confirmed the esteem in which the Real Madrid star is held, as did being voted the best midfielder in last season’s UEFA Champions League.

Kostas Mitroglou (GRE)
Age: 29
Position: Striker
2018 WCQ appearances: 8
2018 WCQ goals: 6

Mitroglou scored three times in Greece’s Brazil 2014 play-off win over Romania, and he will again be a key figure. The Marseille striker has been responsible for over a third of his team’s goals in the Russia 2018 qualifiers and is almost certain to pose the main threat to Croatia’s well-drilled defence.

Marcus Berg (SWE)
Age: 31
Position: Striker
2018 WCQ appearances: 9
2018 WCQ goals: 8

Thriving in the spotlight following the retirement of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Berg has provided power, panache and plenty of goals to Sweden’s qualifying push. “The last two years have been my best with the national team,” he told last week.

Ciro Immobile (ITA)
Age: 27
Position: Striker
2018 WCQ appearances: 10
2018 WCQ goals: 6

An ever-present in Italy’s Group G campaign, Immobile is a huge favourite of Giampiero Ventura’s. The Italy coach propelled the striker to prominence during the pair’s time together at Torino and, after difficult spells in Germany and Spain, Immobile is returning to form again. “I’ve always had a special rapport with Ventura,” the striker has explained. “I’ve improved so much thanks to him.”

Christian Eriksen (DEN)
Age: 25
Position: Attacking midfielder
2018 WCQ appearances: 10
2018 WCQ goals: 9

A master at both creating and scoring goals for Denmark, as the above tally shows, Eriksen is undoubtedly his team’s star man. “I think he has become as important to Denmark as Gareth Bale to Wales,” said Martin O’Neill, manager of the Republic of Ireland side tasked with stopping him. “He is playing exceptionally well. If you are talking about [Lionel] Messi and [Cristiano] Ronaldo being the two outstanding players in the world, then Bale is in that little group behind them that includes Hazard, Bale, Suarez, Neymar – all of those players. Eriksen, in his last year both for club and country, has put himself into that sort of category.”

James McClean (IRL)
Age: 28
Position: Midfielder
2018 WCQ appearances: 9
2018 WCQ goals: 5

McClean’s match-winning, play-off-sealing goal against Wales confirmed his reputation as Republic of Ireland’s talisman and big-game player. “He epitomises what we’re about as a whole team, and as a nation,” Harry Artrer, his midfield colleague, said of the all-action West Bromwich Albion star. “His passion for us is incredible and alongside that he’s scored massive goals for us.”


Malaysia Football Betting On World Cup 2018

The 2018 World Cup will take place in Russia between 14th June and 15th July. The question is on the lips of many players. Although the competition is still a long way off, many online sports betting players already want to place their bets for the 2018 football World Cup by betting, for example, on the winner: France, of course! And for good reason, for the past few days, France have been officially qualified following their 2-1 victory over Belarus. The qualifying rounds are not over yet but you have the possibility to bet on the 2018 football World Cup with the best Malaysia Sportsbook like maxbet, ibcbet, Cmd368, W138, winningft, SBtech,Opusgaming ,Bbin.

Why bet so early?

The main reason is that you’ll get much better odds than if you bet two weeks before. And because of this, over time, uncertainty is higher, especially among players who are injured. In fact, the odds offered by the bookmakers are much better for betting on the football World Cup several months in advance. We have compiled a comparison of the best odds for the football World Cup so that you know who you need to bet on for the football World Cup directly. In any case, if you want to bet on France, Algeria, Tunisia, in short, your country for the 2018 World Cup, you won’t change your mind between now and the day of the opening match.

By betting early, you will truly enjoy the best odds on the market and hope to make significant gains on July 16, 2018 at the end of the Final World Cup Final if you bet on the right team. We will also present our predictions and tips for betting on the 2018 Football World Cup. This way, you may have more chances to win a lot of money next summer.

What are the best odds?

Even though some countries are still trying to qualify for the 2018 football World Cup, on which you may be betting at maxbet, ibcbet, Cmd368, W138, winningft, SBtech,Opusgaming ,Bbin bets are already open! Indeed, you already have the possibility to bet on the winner of the 2018 football world cup, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, To do so, you can go to the best book-makers who, following the predictions and statistics of the different teams, all offer the same top 10 that you can discover above at Maxbet, which is the best.

Not surprisingly, it is in his home country that we once again find the best odds to bet on the 2018 football World Cup. Indeed, as you will see later on in our comparison of the best World Cup odds, he is very well and clearly ahead of his competitors on the favorites. On the outsiders, on the other hand, you will see later on in our comparison that W138 is not necessarily the best place to bet on the 2018 football World Cup. We will come back to this later in our section on prognosis and advice.

Generally speaking, if you plan to bet and bet on the World Cup favorites, you’ll have to go to w138 Sportsbook Betting and you won’t regret it. Indeed, the odds are al oways very interesting and it is no coincidence that they are also at the top of our comparison of the best sports betting sites. Its customer support isf very high quality and it offers you a bonus of MYR100 for your first committed bet. It is a very good idea to use this MYR100 bonus to bet on the winner of the 2018 World Cup. Indeed, as you can see, the lowest rating is 6. That would be MYR600 in winnings if Germany, France or Brazil were to win the competition.

Comparison of the best ratings

To help you compare the different bookmakers, we have summarized the odds of the 4 best sports betting sites to bet on the 2018 World Cup. If you want to bet on the winner while taking advantage of the best odds, you must go to them. The 4 bookmakers involved are maxbet, ibcbet, Cmd368, W138, winningft, SBtech,Opusgaming ,Bbin. Other competitors such as PMU, NetBet, France Pari, Bwin and JOA Online are less competitive in the odds for the 2018 football World Cup.

Advice and forecasts

This brings us to the last section of this article, which deals with tips and forecasts for betting on the 2018 Football World Cup. Of course, the favorites who have come from many predictions have the worst odds. These are Germany, France and Brazil. In all honesty, France’s chances of making it through the cup are very good but we’re not 100% sure. Indeed, other outsiders may be more interesting to play in view of their latest performances.

Our prognosis for the World Cup with W138 Sportsbook Betting winning Italy at 20 may be a very nice choice. Indeed, if you use a welcome bonus from W138 Sportsbook Betting and you put MYR100, you will be able to win 2000 without taking any risk. Betting on the World Cup with Italy can thus be quite interesting although the predictions do not give it by far not winning.

Betting on the World Cup by choosing a real outsideia or Uruguay can also br like Mexico, Croate quite interesting. Once again, our prediction for the 2018 World Cup doesn’t really give them the chance to win, but they do offer competent teams that could create a surprise. Their respective odds at one of the best sportsbook for the 2018 World Cup, Maxbet are 61, 41 and 31.

As you know, our advice for betting on the 2018 World Cup in advance is to use free bets. And for good reason, you will be able to open an account with each Betting Site and take advantage of their welcome bonus each time. At W138 Sportsbook Betting, for example, you’ll get MYR100  in free Welcome Bonus for bets whether your bet wins or loses! So, whether your 2018 World Cup forecast is correct or not, you will get your money back… or the huge winnings linked to your bets.

Miroslav Klose (Germany)

World Cup legends returning in a new role

Some familiar faces will be spotted among the coaching staff on the sidelines at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, former players who are bound to trigger feelings of nostalgia among football fans all over the world.

Miroslav Klose (Germany)

Miroslav Klose (Germany)
The legendary German goalscorer ended his relationship with the FIFA World Cup on a high note in 2014: not only was he part of the team that lifted the trophy, he also broke the all-time record for goals scored at the tournament (16). After finishing his playing career in 2016, Klose immediately joined Joachim Low’s coaching staff.

Thierry Henry (France)

Thierry Henry (France / Belgium)
In 2018, one of the best strikers in history will once again appear at the FIFA World Cup, only this time he will be sat on the bench instead of performing on the pitch. Henry won the World Cup in 1998 and competed at a further three tournaments, in 2002, 2006 and 2010. Now he is assistant manager of Roberto Martinez’s Belgium.

Aliou Cisse (Senegal)

Aliou Cisse (Senegal)
Senegal’s captain at their only prior appearance at the World Cup in 2002, when the Lions of Teranga made it to the quarter-finals, Cisse began coaching his country’s youth teams in 2012. After working his way up the ladder, the former defender was appointed head coach of the senior team in 2015 and immediately led them to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

Cha Du-ri (Korea Republic)

Cha Du-ri (Korea Republic)
A right back renowned for his energetic runs forward, Cha Du-ri was first spotted by Guus Hiddink playing student football ahead of the 2002 World Cup on home soil. He then made four appearances off the bench at that tournament and also played at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The son of legendary Korean footballer Cha Bum-kun, Du-ri had a respectable career in Germany, Scotland and Korea Republic. After retirement, he entered the world of coaching and is currently responsible for the defence in Shin Tae-yong’s squad

Stanislav Cherchesov (Russia)

Stanislav Cherchesov (Russia)
The former goalkeeper travelled to two World Cups in 1994 and 2002 but only played in one game, albeit one that went down in history. When Russia thrashed Cameroon 6-1 at USA 1994, Oleg Salenko scored a record five goals and Cherchesov himself conceded to Roger Milla, who at 42 years old became the oldest marksman in World Cup history. Now Stanislav has the honour of managing his country at their home World Cup.

Didier Deschamps (France)

Didier Deschamps (France)
The captain of France’s victorious World Cup campaign in 1998, Deschamps replaced Laurent Blanc as coach in 2012 and led them to a runners-up spot at the UEFA EURO 2016 held on home soil. After leading France to Brazil 2014 quarterfinals, The World Cup in Russia will be his second as a coach

Vahid Halilhodzic (Yugoslavia / Japan)

Vahid Halilhodzic (Yugoslavia / Japan)
Bosnian striker Halilhodzic played for Yugoslavia at the 1982 World Cup in Spain. As head coach, he has overseen three successful World Cup qualifying campaigns for three different countries, taking Cote d’Ivoire to South Africa in 2010, Algeria to Brazil in 2014 and Japan to Russia 2018. Next summer will be his second experience at the finals, after he led Algeria to the Round of 16 four years ago.

Mladen Krstajic (Serbia and Montenegro / Serbia)

Mladen Krstajic (Serbia and Montenegro / Serbia)
One of the most consistently high-performing defenders in the Bundesliga for Werder Bremen and Schalke 04 during the 2000s, Krstajic represented Serbia and Montenegro at Germany 2006. The final tournament ended disappointingly for the Serbs, who finished bottom of their group, especially as the team had breezed through qualifying conceding only one goal thanks to the formidable backline of Krstajic, Vidic, Dragutinovic and Gavrancic. Krstajic retired in 2011 and five years later became part of Slavoljub Muslin’s coaching team for Serbia. After the latter’s departure, Krstajic took over the side on an interim basis.

Adam Nawalka (Poland)

Adam Nawalka (Poland) 
Nawalka made his debut in midfield for Poland aged 19. A year later, he played five matches at the 1978 World Cup, as Poland finished in fifth place. Nawalka’s international career was prematurely curtailed by injury, but he returned to the Poland national team 30 years later, initially as an assistant from 2007-08 and since 2012 as head coach

Ivica Olic (Croatia)

Ivica Olic (Croatia)
Olic appeared at three World Cups – in 2002, 2006 and 2014 – and scored two goals at the tournament overall, the second coming 12 years after the first. The former striker brought the curtain down on his playing days in June 2017 and by October he had accepted an offer to join newly-appointed Zlatko Dalic’s coaching team that will guide Croatia’s campaign in Russia.

Oscar Ramirez (Costa Rica)

Oscar Ramirez (Costa Rica)
Ramirez was part of Costa Rica’s team in their debut appearance at the 1990 World Cup in Italy, playing in all four of his country’s matches at the tournament. The former midfielder began his coaching career in 2002 and since then has spent it entirely in his home country. He took over the national team in 2015 and successfully guided them to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Gareth Southgate (England)

Gareth Southgate (England)
One of the most well-known English defenders of the late 1990s and early 2000s, Southgate played three matches at the 1998 World Cup and was named in the squad for 2002 but did not feature. He ended his playing career at Middlesbrough before immediately moving into the manager’s role at that club. After learning his craft coaching England’s youth teams, he took charge of his first senior game on an interim basis following Sam Allardyce’s departure. Southgate then made a good impression during the World Cup qualifiers and was offered the job permanently after four games in charge.

Taffarel (Brazil)

Taffarel (Brazil)
A world champion in 1994 and runner-up in 1998, Taffarel began his post-playing career as goalkeeping coach at Galatasaray in Turkey. He now works in this capacity for Brazil, after joining the Selecao set-up in 2014.

Jon Dahl Tomasson (Denmark)

Jon Dahl Tomasson (Denmark)
The joint top-scorer in Danish football history with 52 goals, Tomasson played at two World Cups, in 2002 and 2010, and managed five goals at the tournament in total. His performance in Korea Republic and Japan was particularly impressive, firing four goals in as many games. Tomasson took over as head coach of Dutch side Roda JC Kerkrade for the 2013/14 season and accepted Age Hareide’s offer to join the Denmark coaching team in 2016.

Juan Antonio Pizzi (Spain / Saudi Arabia)

Juan Antonio Pizzi (Spain / Saudi Arabia)
Pizzi started out as a striker in Argentina but spent most of his career in Spain, the country he represented at France 1998, where he featured in a 0-0 draw with Paraguay. He has since managed a variety of teams and his biggest success to date was in charge of Chile during their triumph at the Copa America in 2016. He was unable to lead Chile to the 2018 World Cup, but another chance to appear at the tournament arose when Saudi Arabia offered him the job of head coach.


FIFA Council takes key decisions for the future of the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA Council takes key decisions for the future of the FIFA World Cup.

World cup 2018 w138

The FIFA Council convened today in Manama, Bahrain to discuss a number of key topics, some of which will be voted on by the 67th FIFA Congress on Thursday 11 May.
Slot allocation as of the 2026 edition
Ratification of the proposal recommended by the Bureau of the Council during its meeting on 30 March 2017, according to which the direct berths for the FIFA World Cup as of the 2026 edition are split as follows*:

  • AFC: 8.5 slots
  • CAF: 9.5 slots
  • CONCACAF: 6.5 slots
  • CONMEBOL: 6.5 slots
  • OFC: 1.5 slot
  • UEFA: 16 slots

The approved slot allocation includes an intercontinental play-off tournament involving six teams to decide the last two FIFA World Cup berths.
* The host country would also automatically qualify for the FIFA World Cup, and its slot would be taken from the quota of its confederation. In the event of co-hosting, the number of host countries to qualify automatically would be decided by the FIFA Council.

World cup 2018

Proposal submitted to the 67th FIFA Congress by the Canadian Soccer Association, the Mexican Football Association and the United States Soccer Federation
Following the approval of the bidding process, bidding requirements and hosting structure for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Council decided on the wording to be put forward for the FIFA Congress to vote on: “Based on specific regulations to be issued by the Council, the FIFA administration shall establish a bidding procedure inviting initially only the member associations of CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL and the OFC as candidates to submit to FIFA bids to host the final competition of the 2026 FIFA World Cup by 11 August 2017.
The 68th FIFA Congress will decide on the selection of the candidate host associations. Should the 68th FIFA Congress decide not to select the candidate host associations, the FIFA administration will invite further member associations (including those in the AFC and UEFA, but excluding those associations that have already submitted a bid) to submit a bid to host the final competition of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. In such case, the final decision would be made at the FIFA Congress in 2020.”
World cup 2018 w138my
Bid requirements for the 2026 FIFA World Cup
Endorsement of a set of principles submitted by the FIFA administration as part of the process to select the host of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, including an overview of the content to be requested from bidding member associations and high-level hosting requirements. These include: stadium and infrastructure requirements; principles of sustainable event management, human rights and environmental protection; and details on aspects such as governmental support documents, the organisational model to be adopted and provisions for the establishment of a legacy fund. A complete version of the bid requirements will eventually be dispatched to member associations that register to take part in the process.